MINISTER CAFÉ Has The Most Amazing Design


Minister Café was created by the amazingly creative Polish team, Ostecz Creative which is designed to perfection and has many great ideas installed in to it. The greyish interior with dashes of yellow here and there add life to the room and create interesting areas of design.

We believe, that if you put this much thought into the bathroom, then for sure visitors will keep coming in. (To the cafe, not the toilet) :p

 Check that out!!

Yumm, we would love that cup of coffee right now :)

Benches for Dining- Would You or Wouldn't You

 Image from Indulgy                                       Image from Emma's blog

 Benches are now increasingly being used in dining rooms around the globe. Once only used at beach sides and around Oriental Asia, they can now be seen as a replacement to the dining chair and can be used in almost any kind of house setting you have.

Image from Home Maker

image from Bauhaus

How to Throw a Cabin Feast


 Wen took one look at this picture that we found on Sfgirlbybay blog and knew it would be a super special event with loads of basic back-to-earth designed decoration. The mismatched vintage chairs, cutlery and plates created a magical setting looking out towards the woods.

The feast was held by eatwith, an international community who gathers members from around the world to meet up in small events hosted by other members to share their passion for food, nature and design.

So basically, members that host a gathering will set a price for each member to join in.Why not visit the website and find out what is hapenning around your neighborhood! :)


Beautiful Patterns from Nina Warmerdam

Beautiful imprints from Nina Warmerdam that features repetitive images to create breathtaking images and patterns. The based in Paris illustrator has created quite a portfolio throughout her designing days.


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Bottle to Plant Vase DIY

What a great little DIY idea for a little gift. Using use of those old bottles that you have been collecting, simple wrap them up with twine and secure it in place with some glue. Paint on the geometric patterns and voila, ready to go!

Modern Beaded Light Fit For a Nursery

This modern beaded light from CAMP can be hung anywhere you like :)

DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

If you have a kitchen, it is almost likely that you have had at least 1 wooden spoon throughout you life. How do you remember that spoon to be? Just like any other spoon, it was 'just' a spoon. 'just' a kitchen utensil.
Why have "just" things lying around the house when you can have unique, meaningful pieces by just simple DIY-ing!

Here are some wooden & bamboo spoon DIY's that have been quite trending lately. From etching, drawing, painting or even ombre dyeing work.

Wooden Spoons from WindandWillowHome's Etsy Page

 Ombre wooden spoons by oMeandoMy

 DIY Etched Wooden Spoons from Designmom

Painted wooden spoons

Remember, when painting/ selecting the spoons, use a proper suitable paint to prevent peeling or bubbling when wet/ heated.

Handmade Porcelain Pins by Ashley Goldberg

Ashley Goldberg has always blown us away with her creative color-coordinated artwork. Besides her lovely paintings, she also creates little porcelain pins as such.

If you love these, do drop by here for more inspiring art.


Washi Tape Lighting

We just discovered these geometric cardboard washi tape DIY lamp shades from super talented Australian product designer, Tamara Maynes

The self customizable quilt light template can be bought on her online shop and can be created in any size you like. For $20 you can download it instantly and start your DIY craze.

Here is an example of a heavy-weight cardboard design.


Beary Cute Coasters

Ahhh, come on! Seriously!! This little bear rug coasters found on Duitang are cuter than sunshine. Imagine popping these under your cup! But, I do imagine that they easily get stained by all of the coffee and tea...
But cute idea, though.


Friday Freebies- Play Fruit Printables

Cute stuff is not only for children :)
Print out the templates and fold it accordingly to create your own fruit basket :)

The Best Decoration We Have Even Seen

This is hands down the most beautifully decorated event we have ever seen. The whole feeling of it pulls us in as if we were there. The light, pop out colors against the green of the woods creates a contrast in harmony. The lighting strewn across the branches makes it seem like a village festival. Let's fall in love again!!!

All images from The House That Lars Built